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Jupiter Hadley plays my games

Jupiter Hadley plays a lot of indie games, game jam games and other stuff like that. I must say, it feels pretty good everytime to unexpectedly get this sort of player feedback. She records video compilations, and here are the video parts with 3 recent games of mine being played.

Quantum Cat

Well, I do agree, there is too much text in this one, and the game mechanics are too strange (so are quantum physics).

Portal Tennis

This seems to be more enjoyable to play, and it makes me a little bit proud. All those hours fiddling with AI and balance were not in vain. =)

The Endless Maze

Jupiter likes my game more than I do! I will probably take her suggestions about timer and other stats into consideration before posting it on


October game!

It was a very busy month for me, with a challenging last course and exam (passed!), work still going on and thesis starting along (I will write about computational creativity and game jams!). But nevertheless I managed to make another game. It’s written in Javascript, so it should work in any browser (I haven’t tested it though. I probably should). It is a simple tennis game with a twist.


Play Portal Tennis in the browser!

It was a good exercise. I grew rather fond of Javascript during my summer internship, so I wanted to use it to make a game. And not having all the powers of a ready-made game engine makes you think more about small things. I didn’t particularly like this part though, I like to program things like game logic and mechanics, without worrying about asset loading, collision detection, frames and things. But again, it was a good exercise.

Speaking of collisions. There are bugs left in the game that are the result of the fact that I don’t really like trigonometry. Writing the AI for the second player was difficult enough on that part, and I didn’t have any mental power left to get those pesky collision problems resolved. Next time I would rather use an engine or a library of some sort and save my time for more fun things.


  • It is not that difficult to find time to make a game even in the most scrambled schedule.
  • I like programming interfaces, inputs and user interactions, but I don’t like designing graphical elements. So much time lost, such poor results…
  • I like implementing game logic, AI, and balancing things for a better experience. But I don’t like dealing with small things like asset loading, collision detection and other things that are usually automatized. They are just in the way!
  • In order to finish a game on time, you probably should kill your inner perfectionist. Or at least knock him unconscious for a while. This was the biggest struggle of them all.

What’s going on

I was silent for a while, but it doesn’t mean that nothing is going on. On the contrary. And a lot of that has something to do with games. Here is an update on what I am doing right now, game-wise.

One game a month – October

I participate in the One Game a Month movement. The idea is to make one finished game every month (duh). Last month was the first one for me, and I logged our Quantum Cat as the game of September. This time, I am doing a small game project in javascript + canvas. I took a very simple game from an online course as a base. Well, it is a pong game. But I added a twist.
I am learning a lot about game logic, simple 2d physics and collisions, game loops, asset uploading and so on – things that you generally don’t need to know if you use an engine, but they are nice to understand if you want to be a proper game developer.

Portal Tennis

Team project – Escape Puzzle

Three of us are making a new game. It is going to be one of those room escape puzzle games, where you need to look for things and solve puzzles in point and click manner. I am studying Godot game engine for this, because it is free, it looks nice, and it almost has working exporting to HTML5 (or so they say). And I love the way the documentation is written.
I think Unity3D is an overkill for a game like this, and it is generally not a good choice for a browser game. Plus learning new tools is fun.


Thesis topic wanted

I decided that for my master’s thesis I will go with computational creativity (sub-field of AI studying how we can make computer programs more creative). And, of course, games. This cross-over might include things like procedural content generation, advanced AI for games, game development smart assistant tools and so on. I am reading lots of scientific papers and trying to think of all cool things I can do during the next six months. Unfortunately I need to choose one.