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I must do more

The time has come when I start actively looking for real job opportunities. As it goes, if you want a summer internship, you need to start looking for it in December. But this is not the only option I have. I can also send open applications to game companies that accept them and hope for the best.

So I did some research and created my spreadsheet of all game companies in Helsinki, excluding very small ones. About a dozen of those I found accept open applications and maybe will have a look at mine. Suddenly a dozen doesn’t look like a very big number. I start to question my learning path and the quality of my portfolio, because I am not sure, how impressive it is. Unfortunately, I have nobody to ask for a professional opinion.

However, I created an online portfolio, went through my CV and LinkedIn again, updated everything there was to update, wrote a cover letter, and posted an open application for Finnish gaming industry in general (fortunately, there is an option to do this on one of the major recruitment websites). Just in case.

But I have to make a change of plans if I want a better chance of succeeding. I need to become a better game developer and a better candidate.

  • I am starting a Game Physics course. It looks very interesting, advanced and like something that can be extremely useful in the future.
  • I will go to the IGDA gathering in December and try to network a bit and maybe ask for an informational interview.
  • I will learn more Unity3D things.
  • I will have a look at mobile game development, since most of the companies make games for mobile platforms.
  • I will think about refreshing my C++ knowledge and updating it to the current versions. But, unfortunately, it is not something that can be done in a month.

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  1. If you need any help on the final point you know where to go =)

    • to the library?))
      But seriously, it is something that can only be trained by practicing and reading, and practicing more.

  2. Completely agree with that. It’s just sometimes you need answer to some stupid question that you cannot answer googling or reading books. In this case help may be needed. On the other hand there is StackOverflow…
    Any way if you need some advice or knowledge or anything considering c++ i may help.

  3. *concerning

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