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Guess what?

In the quest of restoring my good old web-development skills (yes, I decided to get a real job) I made a small and stupid game of color guessing. It is great for training your understanding if RGB colors, but it is not really a game. Where is the score? Where are winning conditions, for gods’ sake? A timer? A scoreboard? Anything?..

Maybe, if I had the time, I would make a different version. The color could be shown in the header, and then you need to choose the same one from the blocks below. Of course, with each guess the difficulty increases and colors become more and more similar. But, unfortunately, I don’t have time to do this, I need to study new things.

Anyway, you can play it if you wish. I’ll go and learn some AngularJS.


P.S. I handed in my thesis (finally, I was kind of sick of it already). Also, I missed the Ludum Dare game jam due to an important social event, and it makes me a bit sad. =( So far, Ludum Dare was my favorite game making experience and I would really like to do more and better games on my own.

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