Simoroshka & games


Identity change

So, many things happened from the beginning of the year, and many more haven’t. If I want the story in this blog be more or less complete, I should probably write a longer post, explaining how come I am now focused on web development instead of pursuing gamedev jobs. There are many factors and reasons.

The first reason is that I already tried to apply and send open applications to local gaming companies. In most cases I didn’t get any answer, then I got an invitation to a video interview that I failed, and an invitation to another interview for a job that I also didn’t get (not enough experience, alas). These results are not a reason to give up, of course (how else would you get more experience?), but here comes the second reason.

The second reason is all about money. Unfortunately one needs it to pay for housing, food, coffee, and many other things, and if you don’t get it from somewhere, it will eventually run out. So I really cannot afford spending another year developing skills and hoping to get a job when I turn 29. As there is no guarantee that I will get a game job anyway, the most reasonable solution is finding something I am already reasonably good at and with more job openings. I happened to have both interest and experience in web development. I actually like it very much. It just doesn’t sound as cool. =)

The third reason is something I understood during all those job applications and interviews. I am not sure I want to make just any game. I want to do something special, something with a soul and deeper meaning, not an F2P mobile game the only purpose of which is encouraging procrastination and impulsive money spending in people. This probably means I should be an indie who makes games as a hobby and makes all decisions herself. Or, which is much less likely, I need to find a team with values aligned with my own.

So from there comes a slight change of identity. I am now a web developer (with a passion for modern web technologies) and a hobbyist game developer (with a passion for meaningful game design). By the way, I made a web portfolio.


Guess what?

In the quest of restoring my good old web-development skills (yes, I decided to get a real job) I made a small and stupid game of color guessing. It is great for training your understanding if RGB colors, but it is not really a game. Where is the score? Where are winning conditions, for gods’ sake? A timer? A scoreboard? Anything?..

Maybe, if I had the time, I would make a different version. The color could be shown in the header, and then you need to choose the same one from the blocks below. Of course, with each guess the difficulty increases and colors become more and more similar. But, unfortunately, I don’t have time to do this, I need to study new things.

Anyway, you can play it if you wish. I’ll go and learn some AngularJS.


P.S. I handed in my thesis (finally, I was kind of sick of it already). Also, I missed the Ludum Dare game jam due to an important social event, and it makes me a bit sad. =( So far, Ludum Dare was my favorite game making experience and I would really like to do more and better games on my own.