Simoroshka & games


Here it goes

“I will do something about it later”.
“Maybe next week I will have more time”.
“I should finish the design first, I can’t write until I do that”.

Enough of this shit.
From now on, for this blog I will use the same approach I use for programming projects and assignments: start doing something, create the very first prototype, make it running, and then you can tweak and improve it on the go. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it has to exist.

This is not going to be a very professional blog about game development. It probably will not be quite about game development at all. It is going to be about living up to your dreams, however improbable they might seem. You can put them aside until the better times come, until you have more stable situation, until you have more time (which basically means never). Or you can start doing at least a little bit of something to make them true.

Get a job in a gaming company.

An IT degree, 2 years of Master’s studies in Computer Science (ongoing), some decent programming skills, 1 humble game project, a couple of relevant university courses. No connections to the industry.

Make the first post in this blog. [COMPLETED]
Make a post about the first gamedev experience.
Visit the Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki next week. [COMPLETED]
Make a small game by the end of September. [COMPLETED]
Participate in a Game Jam [COMPLETED]